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Are you ready to give yourself the time, space, and support you really need to finally make positive, and lasting, changes in your life?

I work with teachers and other educational professionals who are struggling to balance life and work. They can’t ever seem to get on top of their to do list, they’re snapping at their partner or children, they’re eating badly, and they’re not sleeping, or feeling exhausted even when they do get some sleep.

If this sounds like you, you’ve probably already tried to make changes. But nothing really seems to ‘stick’, and time and again, you find yourself going back round the same old hamster wheel.

You probably feel this is a failing on your part, but the brain is naturally wired to resist change, which makes it hard to achieve permanent transformation. You’re also likely to be fighting old subconscious patterns, habits and beliefs, that relentlessly pop up and sabotage your best efforts.

For example, many of my clients have trouble saying no to people, feel overwhelmed with negativity, are exhausted and always under pressure, or have lost faith in themselves. I can help you identify the subconscious programmes underlying these habits and ways of being, challenge them and, at long last, undo them.

I work with people over three months as that is enough time to make some truly transformational changes. No sticking plasters here. Work with me to reconnect with who you really are, rediscover your enthusiasm for life, and sense of meaning, and finally get the clarity and motivation to make changes that permanently ‘stick’.

Here’s what I offer in my 3 month coaching package.

1 A free initial session so you can explain what you’re looking for, and get a feel for how I work. At this point I’ll tell you honestly if I think I can help you.

2 Once we decide to go ahead, I’ll give you my pre-coaching pack with questionnaires and useful tools to help us hit the ground running.

3 Nine 60 minute coaching sessions, either face to face or via Zoom. These can be recorded if you would like to be able to go back over them on your own later.

4 After each coaching session I will set you some ‘homework’, using tailored, exclusive content. This will help you keep focused on making those changes, and putting the discoveries we make in our sessions into practice in your life.

5 You can contact me by email between sessions with any questions, and I will also keep in touch with you to check in on the progress you’re making.

The cost is £1197.00 (or  a deposit of £199 to reserve the place, followed by three further payments of £333) all incl. VAT.

Sessions are available at my office, The Stables (see interior on the right and exterior on the Life Coaching page) or by Skype/Zoom/Messenger, anywhere in the world.

From the start it was easy to share my innermost concerns with Rachael. And such is her warmth and lack of judgement, I’ve felt able to laugh and cry, too! Trust is essential and I felt that with her early on.

Importantly, Rachael has that skill of helping you reframe your thinking and put things into perspective or see new ways to approach an issue. So I’m already feeling much clearer about where I’m going!

I look forward to more sessions with Rachael and more of her humane manner and professionalism.
Kate, coaching client 2019

I was facing a difficult time at work and was questioning my ability to deal with it. I was uncertain where I wanted my future to be careerwise. I also doubted my own ability to change. I’d had counselling before and didn’t realise how different coaching was.

As I started to work with Rachael and focussed on how I behave at work and how that was affecting my mood, effectiveness and happiness, I started to feel empowered and that change was possible.

Rachael worked with me to rediscover my strengths and to recognise the choices I have and the power to make them. I feel not just more confident but almost renewed.

Liane, coaching client 2017

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Frequently Asked

What qualifications do you have?

I trained as a Rogerian Person-centred Counsellor 16 years ago, and updated in 2018 with a Diploma in Coaching from the University of Warwick.  

What approach do you take?

My approach is eclectic, depending on what you want or need. It is very much informed by both research and experience. Please see the Work with Me page for more details. 

How much do you charge for coaching?

I offer a three month package including 9 face to face sessions, an initial coaching pack, homework tasks and unlimited email contact. This costs £1197 or a deposit of £199 plus three further payments of £333, all inclusive of VAT. 

I do sometimes work with people pro bono, when there is need. Feel free to contact me to discuss.

How much do you charge for training?

I don’t have set fees here because this very much depends on your exact needs, which can vary greatly. Please contact me to discuss.

A friend recommended speaking to Rachael at a time when I was struggling to make some life decisions. I was sceptical of what a life coach could offer but decided to follow up on the recommendation. Rachael’s background in psychology really helped to direct the process. She knew what to ask and which parts of my life to investigate in order to effectively focus my attention on asking myself the right questions that helped me to realise what my priorities are. After my sessions with Rachael, I felt much more aware of my emotions and more in control and able to more clearly set goals for the future. I’m really grateful for Rachael’s patience, and ability to adapt to a style that was most effective for me by appropriately challenging me and always being supportive. Thank you!

Nick, coaching client 2018

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