Science is finally catching up with what spiritual traditions have been telling us for centuries- the mind and body are interdependent. The beliefs you hold about yourself, your thought patterns and your emotions can all impact upon your physical body and, equally, the food you eat, the exercise you take (or don’t take), even your posture can impact upon your mind and emotions.

Many of us have been brought up to feel that looking after ourselves is somehow an indulgence, or something that would be nice but that we’re just too busy to find the time for.  But if we don’t take the time for exercise, meditation, a nourishing diet or relaxation we’re actively undermining any work that we may be doing on other areas of our lives.

In our coaching we’ll look at these areas as an integral part of the whole process, and, if appropriate, I can give you practical help with mindfulness or meditation. I’m also a qualified T’ai Chi and Chi Gung teacher.

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