I have had so much great feedback from today’s session from everyone that attended. I can’t count the people the people that have said how much they have got from today. Personalising it to each individual after asking them to consider what stresses them, made them look at their own situations when you were speaking. 

It was powerful and thought provoking. Thank you so much.

Kate Graham, Job Centre, Leamington Spa, Department of Work and Pensions, 2019

I attended the session on mindfulness and found the content engaging and thought provoking. Presented in a friendly and easily accessible way and pitched at just the right level. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachael as a trainer, she is witty, warm and approachable.

Paul Dempsey, teacher and attendee at staff training session at Trinity Catholic School, 2018.

‘Rachael has an assured presenting style, engaging manner and above all else really knows her stuff! The feedback about her keynote speech was highly impressive and I wouldn’t hesitate to invite Rachael to speak for us again’.

Pauline Blake-Johnston, NATECLA Scotland, 2017


I was facing a difficult time at work and was questioning my ability to deal with it. I was uncertain where I wanted my future to be career wise. I also doubted my own ability to change. I’d had counselling before and didn’t realise how different coaching was. As I started to work with Rachael and focussed on how I behave at work and how that was affecting my mood, effectiveness and happiness and that of others I started to feel empowered and that change was possible. Rachael worked with me to rediscover my strengths and to recognise the choices I have and the power to make them. I feel not just more confident but almost renewed. I also got promoted!

Liane, coaching client, 2018-9

‘I started having coaching with Rachael to help me become more focused in my life. It was great opportunity to look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas that needed changing. These changes have made massive improvements both in my relationships and to my self esteem. I definitely feel more positive about myself and my life. ‘

Karen, coaching client 2017-2018

A friend recommended speaking to Rachael at a time when I was struggling to make some life decisions. I was sceptical of what a life coach could offer but decided to follow up on the recommendation. Rachael’s background in psychology really helped to direct the process. She knew what to ask and which parts of my life to investigate in order to effectively focus my attention on asking myself the right questions that helped me to realise what my priorities are. After my sessions with Rachael, I felt much more aware of my emotions and more in control and able to more clearly set goals for the future. I’m really grateful for Rachael’s patience, and ability to adapt to a style that was most effective for me by appropriately challenging me and always being supportive. Thank you!

Nick, coaching client 2018