Switch off Stress, Switch on Success. 

A 12 week group programme for ELT freelancers- teachers, trainers, writers, editors- to get more visible, get more focused on your business and overcome any mindset blocks holding you back.

Being a freelancer gives you total freedom and flexibility….

I’ve been a freelancer for 12 years now, and most of the time I love it. I don’t have to fight through the traffic or stand on a crowded train (especially now, frankly). I can set my own hours, and there are loads of other freelancers online I can have a whinge chat to whenever I feel like taking a break.


Except when you feel exploited, or worried where your next job is coming from.

The flipside is that many of the freelancers I coach feel under-valued and over-worked.

  • They find it hard to set boundaries and to say no, but end up feeling resentful and exploited.
  • They are prone to imposter syndrome and even self-sabotage.
  • They try to stay positive, but frequently end up exhausted and demoralised.
  • They know they don’t earn enough.

If that sounds like you, my 12 week  group programme, Switch off Stress, Switch on Success, can help you discover how to set up or run an ELT Freelance business in a way that really works for you.


Put simply, my vision is that you’ll earn more, work less, and live more.

Before I started this programme I was sometimes doing eighty hour working weeks. The project always dictated my day, or rather, I let them dictate my day. I was accepting a low (sometimes very low) hourly rate for quite specialised writing/editing work.

The cost of the group programme was a big investment for me, but I’ve learned a really good mix of practical things about starting a business, as well as the kind of mindsets and behaviours that hold me back. The shift is…I feel like more is possible. I felt very trapped. Now I feel like there are all kinds of doors open for me. I also value myself more, and recognise my strengths as well as my weaknesses.

Group Member June-Aug 2020

No-one can hire you if they don’t know you exist.

Are you blending into the background? Providing a great service that most people don’t even know about? 

Whatever your freelance service, people who are looking to hire you are often taking a leap of faith. An effective online presence can significantly reduce that gamble, and make you more hireable, referable, and likely to get a better deal when you accept work.  

I’ll help you to get really focused about where your strengths lie, and to get more visible and known for what you do. 




When I started the group programme with Rachael I had some ideas floating around in my head, which had been there for about 6 or 7 years! I debated about signing up to the programme for a while as I felt it was an added expense that would be tough to meet at a difficult time in my career after losing my job.

However, now, at the end of the 12 weeks,  I can see how much value the course has and how much I have learnt, done and accomplished. I have finally defined what it is that I want to do, raised my profile and connections on LinkedIn, started creating content and am a good way towards finalising my website. I also met a lovely group of freelancers.

 I would absolutely recommend the programme to other professionals who want to seek out new horizons, change their working pattern or freelance. Rachael answers every question, or will find out the answer, and is very honest, calm, and helpful. It’s been one of the best things I’ve completed because it’s been such a practical and inspiring course. It has enabled me to both learn a lot about business and to create something uniquely my own.

Clare Hayward



What else does the course cover?


  • exploring different business models, both B2B and B2C
  • creating really effective profiles on LinkedIn and other social media platforms
  • using social media in a focused way to attract clients
  • what a website can do for you, and what to put on it.
  • how to get better at setting boundaries and working smarter, not harder
  • overcoming money blocks, and practical questions about pricing
  • negotiating strategies and techniques


We’ll do all this within a small group, with lots of support from each other, and from me, along the way. If you implement everything I’m teaching you, you’ll see a transformation in your business, or be ready to launch your new one, by the end of the twelve weeks.

Having a network of people who support you and who value you is crucial for personal growth, and I really enjoyed our chats and discussions, listening to others talking about their fears, hopes, and experiences. I also really enjoyed our input sessions, learning so many things about running a business, and developing a much clearer picture of what I want to do. I can’t make all the changes right now, but at least I’ve made a decision to walk away from some things to give myself a chance to do the things I really want to do.

Rachael is supportive, calm, approachable, reliable, someone you want to be best friends with 🙂 I’d recommend working with her to all my ELT and non-ELT friends to help you turn things around and become the best version of yourself. She will change your life.

Aleksandra Popovski

You’re an incredibly knowledgeable person with a perfect set of skills and loads of valuable experience to coach ELT professionals like me, an ELT teacher who is in ‘survival’ mode. You have helped me to see the bigger picture and coming out of the ‘rat race’ is totally within my reach.

The programme helped me to believe in myself, ‘sell’ my expertise to those who could benefit from it whilst not being exhausted and have time for my family, some very special learners that have captured my heart and me.

I initially hesitated over the cost, but it was money well spent. A change for the better, and a huge step forward in my career.

Paulina Clarke-van Pelt


Is this right for my freelance business?

Past and current group members have included editors, writers, teacher trainers and teachers and language coaches, all working within the field of ELT. Their businesses are different, but there’s a lot of commonality, and a special kind of synergy which comes from a different perspective. 

On the programme we will look at working with individual clients and groups of clients, as well as working on a freelance basis for other businesses, such as Publishers, or businesses seeking language or intercultural coaching/training.  

If you want to raise your profile, learn how to draw clients to you, overcome confidence and money blocks, learn to negotiate more effectively and set better boundaries, and enjoy your working life more, it’s for you. 

Does Rachael know what she’s talking about?

I hope this question isn’t asked too frequently, actually 🙂 

Over the past 12 years I’ve built up two successful businesses, first as an ELT writer and now as a life and business coach. Along the way I’ve learnt a lot: from experience, of course, but I’ve also invested in my own business coach and in training from social media and copywriting experts. 

I started out muddling my own way through, but I know first hand how much more quickly and easily my business progressed once I got the right help. Now I’d like to help you do the same. 

You’ll also learn a lot from working within a small group of other ELT professionals and sharing experiences and advice. 

Do I have the time to invest in the programme?

Over a 12 week period we’ll meet once a week for a 90 minute input session, and every other week for a 90 minute group coaching/discussion session (8 sessions in total). All the sessions are recorded, and available to you forever, so if you have to miss a session, you can go back and catch up.

Each week I’ll set you a ‘homework’ task. This might be something practical, such as writing a new LinkedIn profile and submitting it for feedback, or it might be a mindset related task.

There will also be ongoing support (from me and the group) and individual feedback available in a dedicated Slack group. 

The amount of time you spend on the programme is largely up to you, but I’d say around 3-4 hours a week on average, more if you want to get more done quickly.

It’s a 12 week programme, so there’s plenty of time to catch up if you miss a week.

Is this the right time to invest in something like this? 

These are uncertain times. Everything has been thrown up in the air, and the old ways of getting business might not be working for you anymore. But is this the right time to invest?

Only you can answer that question. What I can tell you is that overwhelmingly those who have been on my programme are now making more money. That might be because of a new business, because they’ve got better at negotiating and at valuing their work, or because they’ve become more visible and been offered better paid work.

I can’t guarantee that, obviously, but take a look at some of the testimonials and you’ll see that the participants have also benefited enormously in less quantifiable, but maybe even more important ways. They’ve developed more confidence, feel better about saying no and asking for what they need, and are working in a more enjoyable and balanced way.

If that sounds like something you want, book a call with me now and let’s discuss your current situation, and if this is the right programme for you. 

This programme is the best gift I have given myself in a long time because it has allowed me to refocus on myself and on my needs and desires. Rachael, I would highly recommend you, especially to teachers, because you know a lot about the teaching profession and what it means to be a teacher (both the good and the bad sides). You are an expert and welcome everyone’s words and ideas with empathy and without judgment. You know how to create a climate of trust and security. And you have the talent and ability to help people discover what is important to them and you know how to help them turn their dream into a project.

Nabila Souaber