Switch off Stress, Switch on Success. 

A 12 week small group programme for ELT freelancers: teachers, trainers, writers, editors. 


This small group programme is all about taking a group of ELT Freelance (or nearly freelance) professionals through a process where they learn and start to implement practical business skills and overcome mindset blocks.

I use the word freelancer, because that is how most people working as writers, editors, trainers self-identify. However, I think a key shift is to start to see ourselves as business owners. This isn’t always comfortable, as it can bring up feelings that business and making money is a bit ‘icky’, or it can trigger insecurities about not knowing enough. Both of these reactions are things we are going to look at and get past.


No-one can hire you if they don’t know you exist. 

The second key step is to start to get much more visible, and to become known as an expert in our field. Both those things can also trigger mindset blocks, which we will work through, but they are essential to stop over-working, taking on everything we’re offered, and often being exploited. We can then start to be much more intentional about the work we do, and have a plan, rather than living week to week, month to month.

We’ll start by exploring some different business models. Maybe you simply want to attract more work from publishers or training companies? Maybe you want to start or build your 1-2-1 training, teaching or coaching work? Maybe you’d like to create a membership, or work with groups of people? Maybe you would like to start creating some passive income through creating a course or self publishing? 

We then look at the nitty gritty of becoming more visible, including:

  • Creating a killer Linkedin profile
  • Networking online and widening your circle of contacts
  • Using social media in a focused way to gain visibility
  • Why you need a website and what you need on it

A leap of faith?  

Whatever your freelance service, people who are looking to hire you are often taking a leap of faith. Unless they have worked with you before, they are taking a gamble. Your online presence can significantly reduce that gamble by providing them with lots of evidence of how good you are. I will show you the most effective ways of achieving this.

We’ll also look at what you do once you’ve been approached for work. We’ll consider how to evaluate whether a job is a good fit, and learn to estimate the time needed if it isn’t hourly paid. We’ll look at the real costs of being freelance, and how it’s different from a salaried role. We’ll explore how to price your services, and question any unhelpful beliefs about money, what people will be willing to pay, and what you’re worth.

We’ll look at how to sell yourself well, and at some basic principles of negotiation which most people commissioning freelancers have been taught, but which freelancers themselves rarely understand, putting them at a significant disadvantage. We’ll literally practise negotiating with each other.

From the mindset perspective we’ll also explore those inner blocks which often stop us from saying no, or setting appropriate boundaries.

Finally, we’ll look at how you work. The shift to freelance often leads to people working much longer hours as there are suddenly no boundaries, and we may well be working on more than one project at a time. We’ll learn about managing energy, not just time, how to deal with procrastination (and uncover why we’re doing it) and learn a variety of techniques for working smarter, not harder.

We’ll do all this within a small group, with lots of support from each other, and from me, along the way. If you implement everything I’m teaching you, you’ll see a transformation in your business, or be ready to launch your new one, by the end of the twelve weeks.

This course is really helping me to gather my thoughts. Input is really relevant to my working context and your guidance is, as always, brilliant.

Current group programme member

This course will boost your confidence. You will find the input and support you need to move forward with peace of mind.

Current group programme member

It has helped me to find some structure to all the ideas whirling around my head.

Current group programme member

The best decision I’ve made for my personal and professional growth.

Current group programme member

Take some time for yourself, look to your future and sign up!

Current group member