Presentation Coaching

Let me coach you in how to plan an engaging and effective talk or webinar, and how to develop confident public speaking and presentation skills.

Planning a talk, workshop or webinar

Any kind of presentation or workshop needs a narrative. I have decades of experience in presenting and training teachers and presenters. Let me help you with creating an engaging and involving session, whether face to face or online.

I know what kind of slides work best (and what doesn’t) and I can guide you in terms of pace, variety, and how to get across what you want to say in the most effective way. 

“Rachael has an assured presenting style, engaging manner and above all else really knows her stuff! The feedback about her keynote speech was highly impressive and I wouldn’t hesitate to invite Rachael to speak for us again ’”

Pauline Blake Johnston, NATECLA Scotland

Rachael is very knowledgeable in delivering effective and impactful training. She recently gave me incredibly helpful feedback on a webinar I had delivered and her advice and tips will have a long lasting effect on my presenting style and structure for sure. 

Gemma Gilbert, Business Coach,

Confident public speaking

Many people find public speaking very challenging. I originally trained as an actor and can help you with practical techniques for stance and breathing, as well as a myriad little ‘tricks’ to help you fake it ’til you make it.

One  45 minute session.

 Enough time to look through a planned session and give you some pointers, or to coach you if you’re feeling anxious about public speaking.


Two  45 minute sessions or one 90 minute session.

 With more time we can work on both content and presentation skills. Or I can give you feedback on a session you’re planning, and then look at it again after you’ve gone away and worked on it. 



Let me coach you to confidence!

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