Removing the blocks

Most of us spend most, if not all, of our time in a state of unconsciousness. We don’t realise it because this has become our natural state, a kind of sleep-walking where we are constantly reacting to what people say or do, or to that little voice in our head, which cajoles, criticises, takes offence…

It’s exhausting, and it makes it very difficult to truly feel happy or at peace. But most of us can also remember at least one moment where we felt very different. It might have been watching the sun rise, or when we held our child in our arms for the first time, or when we climbed a mountain. We felt connected to everything and everyone and at peace with the world.

That is our natural state, and however bad you might feel at times, it’s always in there, waiting for you to notice it again.

We don’t need to learn how to be happy, we simply need to learn how to remove the blocks to our inner peace and happiness.

It’s simple, but not necessarily easy. It takes hard work, honesty and courage. But if you want to truly change your habits, your work situation, your relationships, I’m here to help you learn how to live your life in the most connected and fulfilled way you can. Hence ‘life coaching’.

More specifically, we can work together on areas such as anxiety, depression, relationships, self-confidence, career and work-related issues, assertiveness, stress, or just a general feeling that things aren’t quite right. I trained as a psychotherapist as well as being a qualified life coach, so I’m confident about dealing with whatever is holding you back.



I work with one to one life coaching clients from the annexe at my home in central Leamington Spa. It’s a two storey building called The Stables, (because back in the 1800s, that’s what it was).

I also life coach online via Skype or Messenger, Google Hangouts etc. While I may not be able to make a you a cup of tea this way, it’s a surprisingly intimate and effective way to work.

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