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Leadership skills

Stress and time management

Communication skills

Dealing with change


"I attended the session on mindfulness and found the content engaging and thought provoking. Presented in a friendly and easily accessible way and pitched at just the right level. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachael as a trainer, she is witty, warm and approachable.''

Paul Dempsey, teacher and attendee at staff training session at Trinity Catholic School, 2018.


''I have had so much great feedback from today’s session from everyone that attended. I can’t count the people the people that have said how much they have got from today. Personalising it to each individual after asking them to consider what stresses them, made them look at their own situations when you were speaking. 

It was powerful and thought provoking. Thank you so much.

Kate Graham, Job Centre, Leamington Spa, Department of Work and Pensions, 2019

Sample workshops

An introduction to Mindfulness

What is mindfulness, why exactly is it beneficial, and what are some easy ways to start making it part of your life?

Dealing with Overwhelm

Stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy and ultimately inefficient? Let me help you get some clarity and systems to support you.

Giving feedback

Learn how to give (and receive) feedback in ways which foster great relationships, and lead to real change. 

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