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"Rachael has an assured presenting style, engaging manner and above all else really knows her stuff! The feedback about her keynote speech was highly impressive and I wouldn’t hesitate to invite Rachael to speak for us again’.

Pauline Blake-Johnston, NATECLA Scotland, 2017

''I really enjoyed Rachael's talk in Madeira, not only did I learn a lot about the importance of mindfulness, but the practical examples of relaxation were perfect after a busy day at a conference. I was then able to take home what I'd learnt and my students can now benefit from a moment of calm in their day too!''

Rachael Harris, APPI Conference, Madeira, 2019 

What neuroscience can teach us about learning.

How understanding more about how the brain works can help with memory, motivation and more.

Mindfulness for teachers and students.

Simple mindfulness techniques to help you reduce stress and become a more effective teacher, plus some ideas to use with your students in class.

Avoiding (crash and) burnout.

Recognising the signs of impending burnout and a range of tips and techniques to help you stop it in its tracks.

Online training

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Leadership skills

Stress and time management

Communication skills

Dealing with change


As part of the British Council  Five on 5 series of webinars on World Teachers’ Day, Rachael Roberts presents a webinar Using your brain: what neuroscience can teach us about learning.

About the webinar

Considering that our brains are the key tool for learning, it is surprising how rarely teacher education focuses on neuroscience. Education is full of vague statements about only using 10% of our brains, or using the right or left brain, or being a kinaesthetic learner, but are these really based in science? In this session we look at what recent research has to tell us about learning, looking specifically at motivation and memory, and how to apply these findings in the classroom to help students learn more easily and effectively.

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Pearson Experiences Career Skills

A series of webinars and videos which explore how you can implement teaching career skills into your classroom.

Decision making; Planning, organising and prioritising; Teamwork; Leadership; Communication.

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