Empowered is a new 6 week group programme aimed at learning exactly how to develop healthier boundaries, in a supportive and encouraging environment.

My vision is that, after the six weeks you will:

  • be able to re-balance your life so there is more time for you, and also be available for those you love, without feeling resentful or overloaded.
  • have more energy and zest for life, and have the tools to be able to manage your time and stress more effectively.  
  • feel confident about being able to say no when you need to, and have developed a range of strategies to help you do this in a way which feels OK.


Anyone who recognises the need to bring those things into their life is likely to already be busy and even overwhelmed, so, while the programme will require some time and commitment, I’m mindful of the need to keep it do-able.


Starting June 9th, each Wednesday at 3.30-5pm UK time,  there will be a 90 minute group coaching session, looking at a different aspect of re-balancing your life. The parts of the session which take place in the main room will be recorded, and you can watch them back afterwards, or if you have to miss a session. (The parts in breakout rooms will not be recorded, for the sake of greater privacy). The recordings and any materials will remain available to you after the programme finishes, with no time limit.

In addition to the group coaching session, I will set 1-2 tasks each week. These won’t involve a great deal of reading, but will be more about exploring your beliefs and situations, or trying out some of the strategies and techniques I’ll be teaching, and then reflecting on them.

There will also be an associated ‘pop up’ Facebook group, where you can share ideas and experiences as much, or as little, as you wish.

There will be a maximum of 18 participants.

As a beta version of the programme, the price is reduced in return for feedback, and your help in shaping the programme for future runs. The price is £297.00, which is payable in three instalments of £99.00. 


Contact me for your place.

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‘’When I first made contact with Rachael, I was working an excessive amount of hours and struggling to balance work and home.  Probably like many freelancers out there, I found it hard to say ‘no’ and set boundaries for myself.  It basically all came to head when I contemplated cancelling a family party because of my workload.  I was naturally apprehensive – I had created this mess myself, but Rachael’s approach put me immediately at ease.  As we worked together, she questioned and challenged my beliefs and kept me on track.  Our sessions gave me the guidance and accountability I needed.  Rachael has helped me achieve what I set out to do and more – I am now working fewer hours and more focused on the type of work that I value and enjoy. “