Case studies

I work with clients on a wide range of issues, but here are some case studies to give you a flavour of the kind of work I do.  

Changing the habits of a life-time.

‘I knew that I would benefit a lot from life coaching with Rachael, and I was sure that I would be satisfied if I just took away a few valuable ideas, and had the chance to talk some things over. It took me a while to actually make the decision to sign up, because my difficulty was with habits that I was deeply ashamed of – mainly cigarette smoking, but also binge drinking and comfort eating.

 I didn’t expect to actually manage to tackle any of my bad habits (particularly smoking) during the 3 months of the package, but I wanted to try to find at least the hope of changing them, because my situation had started to feel very hopeless.

 I believed that everything that I wanted to change about my behaviour was somehow all tied together – like lots of different coloured embroidery threads, twisted and knotted with the beginnings and ends difficult to locate. I went for years, not getting to grips with even one of these threads, just tangling all of them more and more, and becoming increasingly self-critical.

 Once the coaching began, I was amazed how quickly I started to notice big changes in myself. Sometimes I had to be brave, but I felt very safe with Rachael. The way we worked together made me excited for change, and there were plenty of laughs along the way, too. I was finding a new appetite for life, for my work, for creativity.

 I never imagined for a minute that I would actually untie all the threads, but I have. Even more important than that is that I now have the tools to cope and find my way back if I lose my way again.

 Thank you so much, Rachael. Saying thank you doesn’t really seem like enough when you have literally given me back my life.” 


Overwhelmed by work.

‘’When I first made contact with Rachael, I was working an excessive amount of hours and struggling to balance work and home.  Probably like many freelancers out there, I found it hard to say ‘no’ and set boundaries for myself.  It basically all came to head when I contemplated cancelling a family party because of my workload.  I was naturally apprehensive – I had created this mess myself, but Rachael’s approach put me immediately at ease.  As we worked together, she questioned and challenged my beliefs and kept me on track.  Our sessions gave me the guidance and accountability I needed.  Rachael has helped me achieve what I set out to do and more – I am now working fewer hours and more focused on the type of work that I value and enjoy. “  SW

 When I first started working with this client she told me that she had been thinking about contacting me for quite a while, but had felt that she should be able to sort the mess out for herself. She had previously managed to cut down on her workload, but somehow she kept finding herself back in the same situation.

So what changed when we worked together? We did focus on practical strategies, and I kept her accountable and gave her moral support. However, I believe that what made this time different was the work we did together on her deeper beliefs and mindset. Previously, no matter how hard her logical brain tried to create a better working situation, her subconscious feelings about saying no, what she deserved, or what her priorities should be just kept sabotaging her best efforts.

We know that more than 90% of our thoughts are subconscious. The brain loves a short cut, and so we mostly run on automatic programming set up long ago. Most of the time this helps us to function smoothly- like the way we automatically manage all the different tasks involved in driving without having to consciously think about them. However, when the programming is faulty, it can keep us metaphorically driving round and round in circles.

That’s where I come in. I can help you uncover, challenge and ultimately change that programming, no matter how many years it’s been in place.

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