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Setting boundaries

However, apart from the obvious issues of perhaps not having a proper separate place to do your work, and often then being disturbed by your partner also working from home, or your kids needing help with school work, or just more of your love and attention, there is also a potentially serious issue with not setting boundaries.

Why goal setting doesn’t work.

It seems that a lot of people I know are using lockdown to try and achieve something new, such as learning a language, getting fit(ter), or even writing a book. If you have more time, and you feel like doing something like this, then why not? (Equally, if you don’t...

Working from home – with the kids

A lot of my one to one coaching recently has been centred around how to balance work with childcare. Now, with UK schools having closed due to coronavirus too, it’s even more at the forefront of my mind. Whether you were already working from home, or just starting, here are a few tips

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