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Inner trolls and outer trolls

The inner troll is that nasty voice in your head that criticises you, whispers that other people will be judging you, and encourages you to give up on your good intentions. We all have one, though some people’s are nastier and louder than others. I’ve written...

What can I give myself right now?

We all know that being kind and generous to others makes us feel good. But how often are we similarly giving and nurturing to ourselves? More often than not we treat ourselves in a way we would never dream of doing to anyone else. When I ask, ‘What can I give myself...

What’s wrong with being a people pleaser?

Maybe you suspect you’re a people pleaser? You find it hard to say no, you rarely put your own needs first, you hate the idea of being disliked or criticised. You’re probably aware that this kind of behaviour often leads to you taking too much on, and being overloaded, but, you might also feel that it’s not so bad, really

Why always being right is not a good thing.

It might seem that always being right is something to aim for, but in fact it’s both paralysing and dangerous.
Paralysing because the need to always be right means that we can’t ever risk getting anything wrong. Dangerous because it means that we are likely to ignore all evidence to the contrary as we go blithely off down our own path of righteousness.

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