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What could go wrong?

Remember that catastrophising is natural. You may do it more than most, but everyone’s brain is wired to focus on what could go wrong- it’s an evolutionary survival strategy.

How to stop worrying all the time.

If you are aware that you are over-thinking, or even obsessing, it makes you feel bad, and you can’t switch it off or stop worrying, that isn’t problem-solving, it’s ruminating.

The chimp mind and the inner troll

The Inner Troll has a lot in common with the chimp mind. The big difference though is that the Inner Troll does NOT have your best interests at heart.

How does chaos serve you?

If you can’t find things on your desk, or you constantly forget to do things, or you can’t keep on top of your email inbox you are getting in your own way.

Playing victim

We often can’t control what others around us are doing, but we can always choose how we respond to it.

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