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Life coaching and training for teachers and other educational professionals.

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“I help teachers and other educational professionals who are aware that they are stressed, anxious, overloaded or otherwise not living their best lives, to make deep, permanent, positive changes through psychology-based coaching.”

Rachael Roberts

Life Coaching

Feeling stuck? Whether it’s your career, love life,  or your life in general which isn’t turning out the way you want, I believe that everyone has the inner resources to make any changes in their life they desire.

The problem is knowing how. I am here to help you learn exactly how to remove the blocks which are keeping you from living the life you want.


How many times have you set out to look after yourself better, but all too soon found that life gets in the way? To achieve lasting change in our lives we need to build up our ‘spiritual muscles’.

I teach several well-being practices: mindfulness, meditation and chi gung, which can all  make the crucial difference in supporting you to finally make those changes in your life


Teams work best when they are able to communicate effectively, put themselves in each others shoes, understand how to manage workload efficiently, and manage stress.

I have years of experience working with groups to facilitate positive change and can make a real difference even in a one-off session.

Presentation Coaching

Do you need to give presentations, webinars or workshops?

Not sure if they are coming across as well as they might, or maybe you need some help in honing your presentation skills?

I am an extremely experienced trainer and presenter, and have also coached, mentored and trained many people in both planning and presenting. 

Rachael Roberts

I work with teachers, coaches and education professionals, whose mission in life is to help others, but who currently feel overwhelmed and not themselves. They can’t ever seem to get on top of their to do list, they’re snapping at their partner or children, they’re eating badly, and they’re not sleeping, or feeling exhausted even when they do get some sleep.

 I help them sift through the old patterns and beliefs currently dragging them under and instead reconnect with who they really are, so they can rediscover their enthusiasm and sense of purpose and have the clarity to make some much needed changes.

 You might be thinking that most people kind of know all this stuff, and there’s so much online. Is it really necessary to have someone else to coach you through it?

 But because understanding something theoretically is not at all the same thing as being able to apply it to your own life, that rarely works out, and month after month, or even year after year, nothing changes.

 I believe that when you work with someone who really gets what you’re going through (I’ve been there) and knows exactly how to tackle what’s going on beneath the surface, you can finally make dramatic and permanent changes to your life, work and relationships.

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