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Life coaching and training for teachers and other educational professionals.

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I regularly share useful tips and strategies about mindfulness, stress and personal development, including ‘lives’ from me and guest speakers. 

“Through psychology-based coaching and in-service training, I help teachers and other educational professionals who are feeling anxious, overloaded, or otherwise not living their best lives, to grow, and to make deep, permanent, positive changes.

I have 30 years’ experience in education as well as having trained in counselling, psychotherapy, meditation and life-coaching.”

Rachael Roberts


Life Coaching

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Aware that you are not looking after yourself properly? Anxious and snappy?

Through 1-2-1 coaching I can help you ‘wake up’ and reconnect with your authentic self.

Together we can sift through the pile of old habits and beliefs currently holding you back,  to develop greater resilience and the confidence and clarity to make any changes in your life that you desire.



Teams work best when they are able to communicate effectively, put themselves in each others shoes, understand how to manage workload efficiently, and manage stress.

I have years of experience working with groups to facilitate positive change and can make a real difference even in a one-off session.

Rachael combines a calming manner with an empathetic understanding of how people ‘tick’. Her thorough knowledge of the publishing/education industry gives her additional insight. I would recommend her without hesitation. 

Verity, Coaching Client 2019

Rachael helped me find clarity in a very difficult and confusing situation. She was really relatable and I’d highly recommend her! 

Ella, Coaching Client 2019

Rachael had always struck me as someone who’s easy and enjoyable to talk to, so when I decided I wanted to have some coaching, I thought of her. I knew I didn’t want someone who would sit there passively and wait until I answered my own questions (which is what I’d always thought coaches and therapists did!) That couldn’t have been further from the truth – Rachael offered ideas, asked great questions and explained different psychotherapy theories which we used as a kind of prism to understand the way I felt and behaved. I now feel on the front foot and ready to break out of a long-established pattern of behaviour. It’s been really helpful and interesting – thanks, Rachael! 

Coaching Client 2020

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