Business and Mindset Coaching for ELT Freelance Professionals

Earn:  build the confidence to charge what you’re worth.

Learn:  grow and develop your business skills.

Thrive:  work less, earn more, live more fully. 

Are you an ELT freelance professional or business owner? 

You probably went freelance for flexibility and freedom, and  even though you’re getting work and clients, you don’t always know where the next job is coming from.

You tend to get stuck in the feast or famine cycle: you’re either taking on too much (often low-paid ) work, or you may not be getting anything at all. 

You may feel that you have to sit around and wait for work to come your way.

So, how’s that flexibility and freedom  actually working out for you? 

I can help you take back control of your business, and your life, by teaching you the steps you need to take to generate decently paid work, as and when you need it. 

Work with me to:


💡 Create more clarity about your priorities, so you don’t waste precious time on work that doesn’t bring in enough money and doesn’t give you joy.


💡 Start valuing yourself more highly, and develop the confidence (and strategies) to negotiate better rates.


💡 Learn how to market yourself better, and therefore get better offers or rates, meaning you can work fewer hours and get more money, rather than less.


💡 Start working smarter rather than harder, with better systems, meaning that you can get more done in less time.


💡 Get better at being appropriately assertive, saying no and setting boundaries so you don’t end up taking on poorly paid work or massively over-delivering. 


💡 Learn how getting enough rest and exercise (and fun) actually makes you more productive running your business, not less.


💡 Creating or growing a business which you love, and which pays you what you’re worth. 


Work with me on my Business Foundations Group Programme, or on a 1-2-1 tailor-made 4 month coaching programme.

Group Programme

Flourishing Foundations is my  14 week small group business foundations programme for ELT freelancer professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners: teachers, trainers, writers, editors, school owners. 

Develop or come up with your business idea, learn all the foundational business skills you need, and overcome  any mindset blocks which may be holding you back.


1-2-1 Coaching

For a deeper dive into your business, and a more client-led, bespoke approach, work with me 1-2-1 over 6 months. 

Through 1-2-1 coaching I can help you  develop  the strategies, confidence and clarity to create your a business which gives you joy, and does more than just pay the bills. 
We can work on whatever is holding you back, whether that’s building more confidence, the specific steps you need to to take to scale your business or create a new offer, or anything else you need.


When the group programme started I had only recently become 100% freelance and I was finding myself grabbing at job offers regardless of conditions. As a result, I had taken on too many badly paid, ‘bitty’ jobs and I was still working 7 days a week. I didn’t really have an approach to negotiation, fees or conditions. I think I just accepted anything that I could do.

I now see myself as running a business, and as this is a business, I no longer have to do things for ‘charity’ – e.g. give free seminars (or poorly paid ones) if there’s no real benefit to me. I can say no, on behalf of the ‘health of the business’ – it doesn’t need to be personal. I’m now not afraid to negotiate and/or turn down work.

I loved everything about the programme but if I had to choose one thing, I would say feeling part of a really supportive group who showed their unconditional ‘love’ and support throughout. Now when I talk to potential clients, I can hear the group shouting ‘ask for more! Don’t say ‘yes’ to that! etc’.

(Rachael, your sessions were also wonderfully practical, it was great to experience being a student again and have such a superb trainer. You are a star!)

Many thanks for everything, you really have helped me turn my life around, made me realise that I am in control and it really can be up to me to decide which direction I should move in. I hope we get the opportunity to meet so that I can thank you in person.

Emma Heyderman, 1-2-1 Coaching and Group Programme 2021

ELT Writer, Trainer and Consultant

I’m self-employed so I do various jobs and often take on too much, and don’t establish boundaries. As a result of the group programme, I’ve learned to feel more comfortable about saying ‘no’. I’ve also begin to understand what underpins my trouble with that- people pleasing- and what is really going on with procrastination. For someone on the fence about this programme, I’d say, ‘Try it!’ You’ll feel a lot better about yourself, which will help your motivation and your focus. I’m looking forward to better boundaries, and to enjoying work more as a result.

Charlotte, Group Programme, June 2020

English Teacher and Trainer

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