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Life, career and business coaching for ELT professionals.

Work less, earn more and live more fully.

My aim is always to help you work less, earn more, and live more fully.

This may mean helping you to:

💡 Have more clarity about what your priorities are, so you don’t waste time on work that doesn’t bring in enough money and doesn’t give you joy.

💡 Value yourself more highly, and develop the confidence (and strategies) to negotiate better rates.

💡 Market yourself better, and therefore get better offers or rates. This means you can work on fewer projects or do fewer hours and get more money, rather than less.

💡 Work smarter rather than harder, with better systems, meaning that you can get more done in less time.

💡 Get better at being appropriately assertive, saying no and setting boundaries.

💡 Learn how getting enough rest and exercise (and fun) actually makes you more productive, not less.

I’ve run my own ELT content creation business for nearly 13 years, and my coaching business since 2018. Through experience, and plenty of training and coaching myself in the use of social media, marketing, copywriting and growing and running a business, I’ve learnt a lot which I very much enjoy passing onto my clients.

I work with clients 1-2-1, and on my group programme for ELT Freelancers, Switch off Stress, Switch on Success.

Rachael Roberts

Life, Career and Business Coach for ELT Professionals

1-2-1 Coaching

Feeling stuck, directionless or overwhelmed? Aware that you are not looking after yourself properly? Anxious and snappy?

Through 1-2-1 coaching I can help you  develop  the strategies, confidence and clarity to make any changes in your life or work that you desire.

Or work with me 1-2-1 on creating or developing your ELT business.


Group Programme

Switch off Stress, Switch on Success is my  12 week small group programme for ELT freelancers: teachers, trainers, writers, editors. 

Develop or come up with your business idea, start to implement practical business skills and overcome mindset blocks.


In-service training and public speaking

Help your team learn how to communicate more effectively,  manage workload efficiently, and  deal with stress.

I have years of experience working with groups to facilitate positive change and can make a real difference even in a one-off session.
I am also an experienced plenary speaker and workshop facilitator

I contacted Rachael when I was feeling stressed & badly managed in the materials writing role I had. I felt a bit paralysed too as I didn’t know which direction to head in next. I was hesitant to sign up with her as I’d never worked with a coach before & wasn’t sure how I could go about making any changes as I’d lost a bit of confidence & there didn’t really seem to be many opportunities available.

4 months later and I feel like quite a different – and much happier! – person. I’ve changed direction in my career and managed to get an excellent new role that combines teaching, writing, research, and paid holidays but with much better support and management. I’ve also been offered more writing work based on the work we’ve done to make my profile more visible.

Rachael was great to work with, encouraging and supportive and I felt lighter after even our first session. She really helped me get my confidence back & I thought she was particularly good at helping me figure out what would make me happier & then the right steps to head in that direction and to make it work! Thanks!
KA, Coaching Client 2020

Rachael had always struck me as someone who’s easy and enjoyable to talk to, so when I decided I wanted to have some coaching, I thought of her. I knew I didn’t want someone who would sit there passively and wait until I answered my own questions (which is what I’d always thought coaches and therapists did!) That couldn’t have been further from the truth – Rachael offered ideas, asked great questions and explained different psychotherapy theories which we used as a kind of prism to understand the way I felt and behaved. I now feel on the front foot and ready to break out of a long-established pattern of behaviour. It’s been really helpful and interesting – thanks, Rachael!

K, Coaching Client 2020

I’m self-employed so I do various jobs and often take on too much, and don’t establish boundaries. As a result of the group programme, I’ve learned to feel more comfortable about saying ‘no’. I’ve also begin to understand what underpins my trouble with that- people pleasing- and what is really going on with procrastination. For someone on the fence about this programme, I’d say, ‘Try it!’ You’ll feel a lot better about yourself, which will help your motivation and your focus. I’m looking forward to better boundaries, and to enjoying work more as a result. 

Charlotte, Switch off Stress, Switch on Success Group Coaching Programme, June 2020

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